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 Our Vision is to be a part of your child’s learning story



Team Wild - Co-founder of Wild Wonder Society


Team Wonder - Co-founder of Wild Wonder Society


Team Leader

Miss Melanie

Wild Wonder Staff (Owl Eyes)


Miss Katey

Wild Wonder Staff

Our Roots


Once upon a time lived a little one named WILD never sitting still this child needed an out-of-the-box approach to learning, he came alive in the outdoors, his spirit lifted and was able to take in the deep details and above all learn through movement! Another child came into the picture -WONDER, at such a young age it was remarkable to watch this wee ones eyes light up and fill with wonder of creation. His curiosity awakened further with the ability to go out of bounds and explore un-inhibited! 

Outdoor learning and all it encompasses is unique to each child. With our small class size we try and focus in on how your child is already wired and place opportunities to nurture their specific brain in nature.

From the roots beneath the dirt to the treetops, we encourage child-lead discovery and incorporate pre-school curriculum in a creative way.

Picture counting rings in stumps, alphabet hunts in the woods, sidewalk chalk counting, shape building with natural elements and beyond… 

Building a gentle desire to learn within your child’s natural curiosity and involving movement; We try not to make learning a stressful/ chore-like job, but instead grow a hunger in your child to learn, and be inquisitive… 

 …to nurture an overall zest for life at its natural.

What is Wild Wonder?

Wild Wonder is a place-based and play lead program for pre-school aged children. Kids are given the opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem through a hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment. We believe children need lots of outdoor play and that their natural curiosities in outdoor play lead to important neurological connections that will impact the way they learn for the rest of their life.

Wild Wonder follows the Principles of the Forest School Association:

Principles of Forest and Nature School:

  • Takes place in a variety of spaces, including local forests, creeks, meadows, prairie grasses, mountains, shorelines, tundra, natural playgrounds, and outdoor classrooms.
  • Is a long-term process of regular and repeated sessions in the same natural space.
  • Is rooted in building an on-going relationship to place and on principles of place-based education.
  • Is rooted in and supports building engaged, healthy, vibrant, and diverse communities.
  • Aims to promote the holistic development of children and youth.
  • Views children and youth as competent and capable learners.
  • Supports children and youth, with a supportive and knowledgeable educator, to identify, co-manage and navigate risk.  Opportunities to experience risk is seen as an integral part of learning and healthy development.
  • Requires qualified Forest and Nature School practitioners who are rooted in and committed to FNS pedagogical theory and practical skills.
  • Requires that educators play the role of facilitator rather than expert.
  • Uses loose, natural materials to support open-ended experiences.
  • The process is as valued as the outcome.
  • Requires that educators utilize emergent, experiential, inquiry-based, play-based, and place-based learning approaches.

Forest School Program

We run a Yearly Program with 3 semesters – Harvest (September-November), Seedling (February-April) and Sprout (May-June) 

Wild Wonder currently meets 2 days a week (Mon/Wed & Tues/Thurs) from 9:30-12:00 and 12:30-3:00 in West and East Abbotsford, British Columbia

Tuition is $175/month (5-1 nature mentor to child ratio)