Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wild Wonder Forest School?

WILD WONDER is a non-profit preschool-aged program. We function all-outdoors and present opportunities for your children to learn, grow and question but we let nature do most of the talking.

With our small class size we have the ability to focus in on how your child is already wired and place opportunities to nurture their unique curiosities.

From the roots beneath the dirt to the treetops, we encourage child-led play and place-based learning. Wild Wonder incorporates emergent curriculum through backwards lesson planning. We hope to instil a love for learning and care for the environment in each of the children that walk through Wild Wonder.

Where and how often do you meet?

Wild Wonder meets twice a week (Mon/Wed and Tues/Thurs) from 9:30am-12pm (Morning Class) and 12:30pm-3:00pm (Afternoon Class) at a forest park in West Abbotsford (if you would like more information about our exact location please contact us directly info@wildwonder.ca)

What do you do when it rains?

Our BIGGEST question asked for inquiring minds!

Lets help shift our society’s thinking! We don’t melt in the rain. Yes it may get a little chilly on those rainy days and we will do our best to keep under shelter if needed, but mostly we have fun jumping in puddles and playing in the mud. We have hand-warmer breaks, and supply some warm drinks if needed.

From our experience so far, the kids naturally move more to keep warm. We find that as long as children are dressed well, are dry and that their hands are warm they are happy to play outdoors regardless of the weather.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”

Where do kids go to the washroom?

We ask that parents encourage their children to go to the bathroom before they arrive at Wild Wonder. If a child needs to use the bathroom during class, instructors will take them to the nearest available facility. Those children who have to go while we are not near a bathroom will be taught how to properly “go” outside. Solid waste will be dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner as needed. 

Do you have snack time?

Wild Wonder snack time is something we value greatly. We love the ritual of washing hands together, being thankful for our food or other things that come to mind, it’s a time for story reading or story telling and most importantly – a shared feast. At Wild Wonder we we ask that parents pack a small healthy snack to be shared each day. Snack ideas include sliced fruit or veggies, granola mix, etc.

*note you do not have to pack enough for each child to eat just enough of something that can be spread around (1 portion size) 

*all parents are made aware of any known allergies and strictly avoid packing such foods

Are you a Licensed Pre-school?

(Licencing not yet available) 

Licensed  Preschools  must  meet  the  requirements  of  the  Community Care  Facility  Act  and  Child  Care  Licensing  Regulations,  which  are  administered  by  the  Ministry  of  Health  and  Planning.  These  regulations  cover  health  and  safety standards,  space  and  other requirements Wild Wonder cannot administrate to.  For example ALL licenced preschools must have an indoor location, no “unsafe or hazardous” surfaces, fenced areas for outside play, etc.. 


AllWild Wonder Staff have: 

Forest School Training
First Aid Training 
Criminal Record checks
A passion for young children and the outdoors
An interest and motivation for continued growth and learning 


Parent Participation and Volunteers

Wild Wonder welcomes parent helpers & volunteers. Depending on the needs of the program and the interests of the volunteer parents, parents may participate in their child’s class, by way of being a parent helper for the day. (Volunteers may be involved with taking part in crafts and activities, being an extra set of hands in administering snack and station set-up etc.) Parent volunteers are not responsible for primary care giving responsibilities, nor are they responsible in any way for the leading of the class. 

How much does it cost?

Wild Wonder is a Yearly Program, the Tution $175 per month. Payment is received in 3 Semester installments 

I'm on the waitlist what does that mean?

Waitlist for Future Semesters 

If you have filled out our Waitlist Online Application we have secured a spot for your child in a waiting pool. A $50.00 onetime non‐refundable enrolment fee is required for all official applications, once Fall Registration Starts (We will e-mail you once registrtation starts in February) 

To secure your registration, the first semester’s installment is due Aug. 1

Waitlist for Current Semesters Harvest/Seedling/Sprout 

Wild Wonder maintains a waiting list on a first come first serve basis for full programs. If a spot opens up we will contact the first waitlisted child and the space will be reserved for 48 hours once they have been contacted. If they do not register, the next person on the list will be contacted.  

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our Waitlist/Waiting Pool for Registration  



What does a typical day look like?

While no two days are ever the same at Wild Wonder, the children get used to a simple rhythm and flow for their time together. This includes a morning song, free play, story and snack, and sit spot time.

We leave room for nature crafts and traditional numercy and litteracy lessons integrated through a nature, but try hard not to get in the way of your children’s natural wonder and learning through exploration and play.

What age do you recommend enrolling?

We accept potty trained kids ages 3-5. We recommend enrolling them right at 3 (turning 3 before September), but follow your mama/papa or guardian hearts on what feels right.

What if my child doesn't like it?

If there is any indication to you or the staff of Wild Wonder that your child may not be adjusting well, we would set up a time to discuss the situation and make any potential changes that could ease your child’s experience in our progam.  To withdraw your child from Wild Wonder, 30 days written (e-mail) notice is required on the 1st of the month and remaining postdated cheques or monies paid for future semesters will be returned to you.   

I have submitted an application or contact form but have not heard back

If you do not hear back from Wild Wonder within 3 or 4 business days, check your junk mail or please contact us again at info@wildwonder.ca

Still have questions? We would LOVE to answer them!

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