Forest School Friday!

FullSizeRenderThe Wild Wonder Team had the opportunity to attend Fresh Air Learning’s Forest School Training last week. It was so incredibly useful, and just plain fun. Fresh Air Learning facilitators were genuine and generous with equipping us forest school newbies with all the tools practically and otherwise for leading a successful forest school or nature program.

We were planning to do a “Forest School Friday” here on the Wild Wonder blog. So what better way to kick it off with featuring Fresh Air Learning of North Vancouver. They Truly have foraged the path for forest schools in BC. Go check them out! or like them on Facebook to see what they are up to. If you are an educator or parent interested in getting your children outside more I would highly recommend attending one of their workshops.

Top 4 5 things we took away from Forest School Training last week:
1. It’s ok not to know/give out the answer to enquiring minds. The art of questioning and “Coyote Mentoring” is common teaching approach in the Forest School world and something we are keen to learn more about
2. Free play and learning are interconnected and organic. Unstructured free play without adult guidance encourages kids to create their own imaginative games and activities
3. It is important to open our senses and expand awareness. Whether wandering, sit spotting, or just hanging out in nature, it’s important to fully open your senses and expand your awareness to everything around you. We practiced playing with our Deer Ears, Owl Eyes and Bear Noses opening ourselves up to a whole new world around us
4. Finding our nature crush. For Heidi- carving wood and fire starting (focused activities) For Kylee- treasure hunt story telling and tracking (movement based activities)
5. Sometimes finding a “Sit Spot” is more like avoiding a “$#it spot” when exploring a dog friendly forest area..(forest teacher joke)

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