Home Learners


Run free, run Wild

Fresh air

Climb trees, climb hills, balance

Get dirty, rope swings, plant knowledge

Make forts, make magic

Get inspired, create


Tell stories, make friends

Find space, notice space

Sit. Listen. Smell. Breathe



Wild Wonder Outschool is an all outdoor program for home learners. We hope to foster scientific curiosity through outdoor exploration, and kid-directed learning.

Wild Wonder places high priority on free play, unstructured time in nature, and a strong emphasis on cultivating community and connection to nature.

We believe it’s important to meet regularly in one natural setting to experience the seasons and how the ecosystem functions throughout the year. Nature needs us as much as we need it to live healthy and foster a flourishing future.

ACCEPTING KIDS FOR SPRING CLASS, $130/month please e-mail us if you are interested.

Fall 2018/2019